A Tunesday Twofer!

First up, another ’80s flashback. For some reason, this particular tune has come up in conversation about 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I have some awesome high school memories of rocking out to this song, and one dominant image… a HS buddy leaning over the steering wheel of a VW bus, giant plug of Kodiak jammed between his cheek and gum, as we race south to New Smyrna Beach, FL for spring break. “Race” being relative, of course… we were in a 70′s era VW Camper Van, after all.

The next is completely different… A new video from Rodrigo where he jams a bit with Vicente Amigo, perhaps the greatest flamenco guitarist on the planet. So. Very. Humbling.


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A quick review of the Halo ecig

After doing a bit of research and talking with several friends, I invested in the Halo ecig. Let me start by saying that the Halo is spoken of very, very highly by everyone – In fact, I can’t remember seeing a single negative review of ANY Halo product.

Now, I’m no ecig expert. I’ve tried them in the past, but have never been all that thrilled with them. There’s always been something about them that just didn’t work for me, regardless of which brand it was.

Things haven’t changed.

For the first couple of weeks, I was pleasantly surprised with the Halo. I kind of liked it. The “assortment” packs of liquid I got tasted ok (I much prefer the tobacco over the “flavored” liquids), and honestly I haven’t hated any of the juices yet (although the green apple is, I think, the worst of the bunch I’ve had).

Recently though, about 4 weeks in, the shine is wearing off the experience. First and foremost, the batteries for the unit are horrible. If they are not fully charged, then the performance of the ecig suffers tremendously. Suffers in… suck all you want, you ain’t gettin’ nuthin’. The light stays blue, and all appears right with the world, but there isn’t enough juice in the battery after an hour of use to work the ecig. And I bought the extra large batteries (they give you 2 with the starter pack) because I assumed there would be an issue.

But really, that’s no big deal compared to the next item…

Both tanks LEAK. I mean oozing out all over my shirt kind of leak. And before you ask, no the leak is not from an improperly sealed cap. Believe me, that’s the first thing I checked as I assumed I had screwed something up (or in this case, not screwed something on!). But no… there are two little holes at the base of the tank, right where the tank screws on to the battery. And that’s where the juice comes out. It is, I think, related to the battery issue, as the only times the tanks have leaked have been when the batteries were running low.

That said, I am going to keep using the Halo for now. I still have some juice left from the 2 assortment packs I bought and I’m certainly not going to waste them. But it’s a toss up as to whether I actually replenish my stock once I finish them off. If I had to today, as I sit in my office with a big brown ecig juice stain on the pocket of my shirt, I would not spend the money.

And I find I cannot recommend this particular ecig, either. It feels weird given all the positive reviews I read, but this system just isn’t worth it. I plan on contacting Halo about it and will update this if things change.

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Throwback Thursday: Oxford, England – circa 1995

Here I am, rockin’ the belly bag (aka the backwards fanny pack) back in the 90s:

1995-oxfordBut the most interesting thing about the pic isn’t that bag-thing…

It’s the hair! Lawsy I miss my hair.

Perhaps I’ll grow it back. As an experiment, of course. To see if, and where, it still actually… you know… grows back.


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