Where the road ends…

lat: 59.7731 long: -151.8674

lat: 59.7731
long: -151.8674

Anchor Point, Alaska, July 2015 – The westernmost point on the North American Highway System.

Shortly after I took this picture, an older gentleman drove up from the beach in an old blue Chevy Suburban. He stopped and we chatted for about 30 minutes or so. Turns out he had been summering near Anchor Point for 45 years, and this was probably his last summer.

“Even if I live to next year, I don’t think I’ll have the energy to make the trip up from Arizona.”

Personally, I thought he looked hardy enough to live in Anchor Point year round. He was fit enough to take his 16 foot outboard into Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska fishing for Halibut on his own, at any rate.

He told meĀ that one day, back in the 80s, he caught a 400+ pounder about a mile straight out from the road.

“Couldn’t get it in the boat. Had to tie it alongside and putter back to the beach,” he said.

I laughed at what I figured was one of those ol’ fishin’ stories. He looked at me a bit askance, reached through the open driver’s window, and from behind his visor pulled out a slightly frayed Polaroid of him with just about the biggest fish I have ever seen.

“Damn thing ’bout pulled my little boat across the bay.”

I was sufficiently schooled and made a mental note to not even hint at doubt around an Alaskan Fisherman for the rest of my trip.


“Jasnah had once defined a fool as a person who ignored information because it disagreed with desired results.”

-Brandon Sanderson, Words of RadianceĀ 

Sound like any politicians you know?

*Edit: After the Charlie Rose interview, I’m looking at you Ben Carson.

Here, have a picture…

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Heading North on Cottonwood Canyon Road in Escalante National Monument (The Grand Staircase), UT – 2011 (click to view at 1000 x 750)

Picture taken with a Cannon PowerShot SD400