I’m still riding high from the Springsteen concert a few weeks ago. Specifically, I’ve been listening to the Nebraska album, easily my favorite of his and one of my all-time faves.

So what’s my favorite song off my favorite Springsteen album? Tough to say… The entire album is so damn powerful. More than one of the tunes bring me near to tears even now, 32 years after Nebraska‘s release. At the moment, though, it’s probably “Highway Patrolman”:


Also of note is  Johnny Cash’s cover of “Highway Patrolman” on his 1983 album Johnny 99 (a song also covered from Springsteen’s Nebraska album).


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~Stephen King


It’s Tunesday on Steroids…

Into the Wild - The Movie (Amazon)

Into the Wild – The Movie (Amazon)

So last night I watched the movie Into the Wild. It’s based on a book of the same title by John Krakauer. Both the book and the film have been on my “To Read/Watch” list for a while now, but I’ve been putting it off. In fact, the film has been in my Netflix queue for the last 6 months or so, but since it’s 2 hours and 28 minutes long I never got around to watching it. But then I noticed that Netflix was pulling it as of May 1, so I decided to make the time (It is also available on Amazon Instant Video).

And I am so glad I did.

I knew the story going in, but, still… never has a movie both inspired me and left me so completely devastated. It’s like Sean Penn, who both wrote and directed the film, reached in and tore my heart out through my tear ducts.


Into the Wild - The Book (Amazon)

Into the Wild – The Book (Amazon)

I can’t recommend the film highly enough. It’s rare that I’ll watch a film before reading the book it’s based on. It’s rarer still that I’ll run out and buy the book after watching the film. In this case, I logged into Amazon on the iPad and bought the book while I was watching the film. The story is that compelling.

But how does this relate to Tunesday? Simple.

Into the Wild is the first solo album from Eddie Vedder who was hand-picked by Sean Penn to provide music for the film.

So, yeah. Eddie friggin’ Vedder.

The entire soundtrack is terrific, but “Society” I found both lovely and haunting. It also is a wonderful representation of the state of mind of Christopher McCandless, whom the story is based upon:

Tunesday! More from Yesteryear… Trip Shakespeare

My cousin introduced me to Trip Shakespeare back in ’91 I think. He was going to college in Kansas, and I was road tripping across the country on my move from New York to LA. We went to the concert, and suffice it to say they blew me away. I still have the cassette my cousin made me, and while I don’t listen to it regularly, I bet it finds it’s way into my aging player three or four times a year. Shortly after I saw them, they broke up, but I found video from a reunion show they did in 2013. These vids are a sample of their early work. The 2013 show looks good, but it’s tough to hear some of the harmonies so I went with these four songs, perhaps my favorites on the cassette that has a permanent place on top of the player.

“Drummer Like Me” – I think my buddy Tom will like this one if he listens close.

“The Slacks” – It’s a love story. Kinda.

“Snow Days” – Probably my favorite. I think The Pixies covered it, or vice versa. Don’t know, don’t care. I like this version better than the other one I’ve heard.

“Pearle” – Pure 80s awesomeness.