January Top 5

January was a rough month for rfdc. In fact, I didn’t make a single substantial post all month long. Consider it a brief sabbatical, as I plan to get back into the posting saddle again this weekend.

You’d think that when my little corner of the net goes dark, folks would stop coming around. Well, my page hits dropped by more than 50% to under 1,000, but somehow folks managed to find their way around in the dark. Here’s the top 5 posts (by count of unique pageviews) that folks came to see:


1. Culture Clash, or How an English Teacher Sees Your World of Warcraft Post (originally posted 2/20/2010)

2. Scrivener (originally posted 11/2/2011)

3. Ride Report: Panguitch, UT to Pariah, UT (originally posted 12/19/2011)

4. Snapshot: Wolf Pond Rd. – Adirondack State Park (originally posted 12/23/2011)

5. Trip Routing: MapQuest (originally posted 10/23/2010)


Posts that are just around the corner:

1. Thoughts on the “latest and greatest” MMO – Star Wars: The Old Republic

2. Three book reviews (Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, and Lawrence Hacking)

3. A couple of reviews on some motorcycle gear.

…and a few other’s I’ll surprise you with along the way!

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