Quick Thoughts on a Quick Read: A War of Gifts

Title: A War of Gifts
Author: Orson Scott Card
Publisher: Tor
Year Published: 2007
Pages: 126

First Line: Zeck Morgan sat attentively on the front row of the Church of the Pure Christ in Eden, North Carolina.

 A quick, 1 day read.

I’ve become such a fanboy that I’ll read pretty much anything set in Card’s Ender universe. I’ve even taught  units on Ender’s Game in my College Comp and Lit classes, and am thinking of proposing a class devoted to the differing branches of the two series that EG spawned.

But already I’ve digressed.

A War of Gifts isn’t overly compelling. An interesting side story set in the Ender-verse during Ender’s time at Battle School, the theme revolves around religion, something Card has continually explored throughout his career. Overall, even though the story centers on a single protagonist, Zeck Morgan, I found the narrative itself a bit unfocused, as the 3rd person limited PoV shifted among Zeck and two other characters. That’s not necessarily a “bad” thing, but for a story of only 126 pages it needed to be much tighter in scope to really engross me.

That said, if you’re a fan of the EG stories, this is a really nice look into the character of Dink, who was always one of my favorites in the novel. I can’t remember, though… was he in the original short story? I need to dig that out and reread it, I guess.

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