Most Visited Posts for February

It’s March! Soon it will be April! And more consistent riding weather! So very excited for that. I’m hoping even to take the bike out tomorrow since it’s supposed to nudge over 50 by the after noon. I’ll probably be riding to work in the 30’s, but I’ll deal with that for a 50’s ride on the way home.


Keep on the lookout for more frequent posting. Trying to work at least 2-3 a week into the schedule, and I’ve got a few in progress and more than a few hanging around the ol’ noggin’ pestering the hell out of me.

Here’s February’s Top 5.

  1. An English Teacher Displays His Inner Geek – Grading Star Wars: The Old Republic (8 Feb 2012)
  2. Trip Routing: MapQuest (23 Oct 2010)
  3. Cycle Season is on Hold (25 Feb 2012)
  4. Short Story Club: “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” (4 July 2010)
  5. Quick Thoughts on a Quick Read: “War of Gifts” (25 February 2012)

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