Most viewed posts for March, 2012

Below are the 10 most visited posts for the month of March.

Aside from the obvious reason of trying to increase traffic to RFDC, one of the reasons I’ve started keeping track of the stats is to see both the style and topics of the posts that draw in the most visitors. Even though I publish content because I enjoy doing so, I’d still like that content to be… you know… read and enjoyed by others. If that wasn’t a goal, I’d just keep all this stuff in one of my various Moleskines. While I’m not going to deviate from the topics I primarily write about – Reading, Riding, and Writing – I can make adjustments to the frequency I post on those topics and, perhaps, the style in which I write the posts. Right now the goal is to post more across the board, though. I averaged almost a post every 2 days, which, comparatively speaking, is pretty good for me. Ideally I’d like to see that inch up to a post a day. Goals are a good thing!


  1. Install Guide: Machineart Moto XHead Cylinder Guards – 2009 R1200gs (20 MAR 2012)
  2. Replacing the Low-Beam Headlight on a 2009 BMW R1200gs (4 MAR 2012)
  3. Spring Has Sprung! (7 MAR 2012)
  4. All the warning you get… (30 MAR 2012)
  5. Blogging and Riding, Riding and Blogging (15 MAR 2012)
  6. Excerpt: “A Summer in Paris” (25 MAR 2012)
  7. Trip Routing: MapQuest (23 OCT 2011)
  8. Adventure fans, rejoice! (31 MAR 2012)
  9. DragonRealms (2 JUN 2010)
  10. Ride Report: Panguitch, UT to Pariah, UT (19 DEC 2011)

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