Beat the Heat with Fieldsheer’s Iceberg Vest

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When I arrived home after my trip last summer, I had 1 more piece of riding gear than I started with: the Iceberg Vest from Fieldsheer. When I popped into BMW Motorcycles of Utah for a new set of tires, we got to talking about where I was heading.

They talked me out of heading up to Montana (June 22nd and the roads I wanted to take were still closed to snow) and talked me into heading down to Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase.

They stressed, however, that the heat would end up being a very serious concern, and at their urging I picked up the Iceberg Vest for around $50. Spend a few of minutes soaking it in water, wear it under the mesh Tourmaster jacket, and it was supposed to absorb body heat and release it as the water evaporates. I didn’t end up using it down in Escalante as temps stayed in the 90s, but I think it’s fair to say it saved me coming out of New Mexico.

BMW Motorcycles of Utah

Heading East out of Roswell, NM, the further I rode into Texas, the higher the temps climbed, topping out at 113 degrees around Colorado City. The vest was terrific. Not only did it absorb the heat, but with the mesh jacket it acted like a kind of air conditioner when at speed. The water evaporated quickly in the dry heat and wind, though, and I had to stop every 30-45 minutes to re-soak the vest. Even so, the Iceberg Vest (combined with a constant refilling of my Camelbak) made riding that day possible. Had I not picked it up in Salt Lake, I would have either pushed myself too hard and risked heat stroke and dehydration, or I would have been forced to stop much earlier in the day.

While it’s not a part of my everyday riding gear, the Iceberg Vest is small and light enough to toss in a stuff sack and bring along on multi-day rides, especially if I’m heading South (which, living in NY, is pretty much every trip I take). If you deal with riding in the heat, I recommend it.

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