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When I took my little spill last summer, it sucked, to say the least. It was a bad end to what had been, up to that one poor decision to take a dirt road in the middle of a drought, a fantastic trip. As bad as it was, though, there were a few things, and a few people, that made the entire ordeal not nearly as sucktastic as it could have been. Kelly Cecil and Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping are a big part of the reason the suck ratio was so low.

I’ve mentioned how lucky I was to have Brady and Joanne of Big Bird Wrecker Service take care of the bike for me. They kept it locked up tight in their garage in Lumberton, TX while I was 129 miles away in Tomball displacing my good friends (and saviors!) Nick and Erin, seeing an Orthopedic Specialist, and trying to figure out how I was going to get home for surgery (the difficulty compounded by the Percocetic haze in which I existed for a month or so after the accident). I did what little research I had time for, and then reached out to Keyboard.

From the very first phone call, they were awesome.

“You take care of yourself, Robb. We’ll take care of the bike,” Kelly told me on the phone, and then proceeded to arrange everything… from the pickup at Big Bird to the drop off at my local BMW dealer in Fairport, NY. I told Kelly to take her time with it, as I certainly wasn’t going to be doing any riding for the foreseeable future, and they handled all the scheduling with the pickup and drop off. At times I did feel a little out of the loop, but looking back on it now I’m more than happy with the way she handled everything.

And honestly, that’s what I needed. Someone to handle everything for me as far as the bike was concerned. From Big Bird, to Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping, to Art and the gang at Country Rode Motowerks, getting the bike from Lumberton, TX back to Rochester, NY was one of the easiest parts of the entire deal. In the end, it took them about two weeks (only because I told them to take their time with it… I could have had it sooner if I needed it) to get the ~1500 miles at a cost of about $700. A little steeper than what other shippers were advertising, but, all things considered, it was well worth it.

So thank you, Kelly Cecil. When I finally decide to relocate out of NY, you will be the one I call to help me move the bikes.

Oh, one humorous endnote…

I had completely forgotten that I had left my EZ-Pass in the tank bag on the bike. Imagine my surprise when, in September, I got a bill for about $10 in tolls. Somehow, the sensors on the NYS Thruway picked up the EZ-Pass through the tank bag, and through the truck’s trailer. Half the time I can’t even get my car to register through the windshield! It was an easy fix to send the travelog to the Thruway billing folks, but still, very strange. Even Kelly said, “well, this is a first.”

If you need to ship a bike, I give two big thumbs up to Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping. Just make sure you shield that toll pass.

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