Student Engagement is FUNdamental

Title: Student Engagement is FUNdamental: Building a Learning Community with Hands-on Activities
Author: Jane Feber
Publisher: Maupin House Publishing
Published: 2011
Pages: 111

First Line: After thirty-six years as a classroom teacher engaging my students in the learning process with hands-on strategies, I know one thing for certain: when students do, they learn.

I received this e-book as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

Student Engagement is FUNdamental is a collection of activities aimed primarily at student interaction in the classroom. SEF is targeted, I believe, at middle school teachers (grades 6-8 or so), so being a college English instructor I’m not really the target audience. Having taught High School briefly, however, I could easily have adapted several of the exercises for those students, and I’ll even modify a select few and use them, at least in part, in my Freshman Comp classes. That’s what I like most about this particular collection. There is strong detail in each of the activities, and even though they are aimed at much younger students, the detail makes it easy to see ways to adapt them to fit my own needs.

Perhaps more importantly, while I think that there is an abundance of good information here for teachers, I also believe that parents, especially those who homeschool their children, can use many of the activities outside the classroom. With the exception of the first section, which is devoted to getting to know the students, the exercises focused on reading and analysis specifically would make for outstanding activities at home.

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