Aaaaaand they’re off! NaNoWriMo gets underway

National Novel Writing Month kicked off today, and, once again, I am not participating. Instead, I send out hearty cheers and unending support for my many friends who are going for the gold. If you’ve ever thought you have a story in you, now is the perfect time to commit to getting it out there. The community is terrific, supportive, and eager to help you on your way. And even though they have “winners” (those that complete the 50,000 words over the course of the month get a shiny badge for their website), I’m of the opinion that even just attempting it is a significant accomplishment. I’ve done it a few times in the past (the first time I tried I failed in a rather spectacular fashion – I think I gave up after about 10,000 words), but I’ve learned that being a teacher and trying to write 50,000 words in a month does not make for a happy Robb. And an unhappy Robb means 137 unhappy students which makes Robb even more unhappy. And we all want a happy Robb, especially Robb’s 137 students, who will have as many as 4 writing assignments being graded this month. By Robb, of course, which means very little time to throw 1300 words a day onto a page with any semblance of creativity or structure.

Plus, I have a writing schedule anyway. While it’s not what I do full-time, I do consider myself a professional writer so I keep a fairly strict schedule of when I do and don’t write. Granted, since the cross-country relocation in August for a full-time teaching gig it’s been more “don’t” than “do”, but I’m still writing when I can and letting other things fall by the wayside – like eating and sleeping… you know, those things that just get in the way when you have 26 hours of work to cram into a 24 hour day.

That said, I do think the idea of NaNoWriMo is a fine thing, so I’ve decided to modify it for my own uses. Rather focus daily on my current WIP (which has been relegated to weekend work while I figure out my new schedule), I’m going to focus on the blog, which was one of the first things I let fall by the wayside while I tried to get settled into my new digs. I suppose we could call it Robb’s Blog Month, but RoBloMo sounds kind of dirty, so I just think I’ll call it “Blog Today, Dammit” on my schedule.

In order to squeeze it in, I’ve cut out a number of other things, most significantly the time spent with various social media outlets. I’ve got a whole post planned about that, though, so suffice it to say for now that I’ve all but eliminated everything except G+ from my daily routine. That should free up at least 30 minutes to an hour a day for your reading, and my writing, enjoyment.

And there you have it… the first 501 words of RoBloMo! (yeah… I really need to find a new acronym)

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