Installing map update. Note: This may take a while to complete.

Yah no kidding. Going on 30 minutes now. Ah well, that’s ok. I’ll just thumb through my favorite planning guide:

Harley Davidson’s Ride Atlas of North America by Rand McNally

Whenever I am in the beginning stages of figuring out where I’m going next, this is the resource with which I begin. I also bring it with me on each and every ride, as the construction is insanely durable. The paper is treated so it’s ok to get wet, the spiral binding is sturdy and protected, and the cover wraps around the book fully with magnetic closures. It’s been carted around the country for over 15,000 miles now, and is still in outstanding shape.

Recommended rides are highlighted in various styles, including a featured ride that HD recommends (as far as I can tell). Most appear to be the same roads that are listed on the HD website, which I talked about in this post.

Another early resource I use is MotorcycleRoads. They have a state by state breakdown of user-submitted roads along with a “Nifty 50” column that the editors use to showcase a single road in each state. It’s a decent overview of what kind of roads to expect in the various regions of each state.

Oh lookie! The map update is done! Now I can begin planning the first leg of my summer trip… Houston, TX to Bourbon, MO.

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