Saturday Sights: Bayside Park, NJ

Back in 2010 my summer trip took me on a tour of the northeast. I took off from Rochester, NY and rode until I hit the Atlantic in Maine, then followed the coast to the Cape May Ferry at the Southern tip of New Jersey. One of my stops landed me in Brick, NJ, where I stayed with some friends. After dinner we took a drive along Ocean Avenue and stopped at this little park to watch the sunset. It was a fabulous way to spend an evening after a long ride down from Rhode Island.

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Just 3 or 4 miles north of Seaside Heights, I doubt this little park exists today.

Bayside Park, NJ

Hurricane Sandy battered the hell out of this thin stretch of land. I lived in Toms River until about 2nd grade, so my memories of the Seaside Park are fuzzy at best, but they are there. Vague, warm feelings of cotton candy, clowns, and being buried up to my neck in sand. Today, buried in sand evokes other, more distressing feelings as up to 90% of the area has been declared uninhabitable for the foreseeable future in the aftermath of Sandy. Here is a slideshow of what the area looks like today.

My heart and thoughts go out those directly affected.

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