2013 summer adventure: time to tweak

The main routing is done for the summer summer trip. I’ll be tweaking things for the next few months, especially in NC since recent landslides have closed a few roads I was hoping to take, but this is basically the route (starting in Houston, TX and heading North):

[singlepic id=238 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Est. Miles: 15,300
Est. Saddle Days: 53

I broke it down into colored stages, with endpoints being places I know I either want to or am going to stay for a night or two. In between I’ll be mainly camping, unless I find some couch space along the way. Places I know I’m going to be staying:

Bentonville, AR: Because what road trip is complete without a visit to Walmart #1. Actually, I’m staying with a friend who is moving there in Feb. Evidently it’s my job to organize the guest room.

Bourbon, MO: Where I’ll be up to my ears in debauchery and shenanigans with 50 of my geekiest friends (and at 6’5″, that’s a plethora of debauchery and shenanigans!).

Pekin, IL: Annual visit to the midwest portion of the clan.

Surprise, AZ: To see my cousin and her new home!

San Ysidro, CA: Actually, Border Field State Park, the SW corner of the US. Not sure where I’m staying around here yet, but there are a bunch of campgrounds in the area. I also have a couple friends in San Diego I might hit up for couch space /halo.

Redwood National Park, CA: I’m going to camp here for a couple days and explore the park. Even though I lived in San Francisco for a couple years back in the 90s, I never made it up here. Shame on me.

Blaine, WA: NW corner of the US. Again, not sure where I’m going to stay, but (also again) I have a few friends in Seattle I may be hitting up for some couch space.

Wixom, MI: Another friend bought a house!

Madawaska, ME: NE corner of the US. No idea where I’ll be staying yet.

Honeoye Falls, NY: Visiting family!

Crownsville, MD: Staying a night or two on the bay with some friends. Hrmm… I suppose I should ask them, huh?

Lewisville, NC: Breaking up my trip down the Blue Ridge with a couple nights at a friend’s house. Unless he reads this post, he’ll have no idea I am stopping by. Mwuahahaha!

Key West, FL: SE corner of the US. Planning to get a hotel, although I may just zip in, take a pic, and zip out. From what I remember when I was there in the 80s hotels/motels were stupid expensive.

Barber Museum and Talladega Speedway, Birmingham, AL: Spending a couple days camping in the National Forest here. I’ve been trying to get to the Barber Museum for the last 4 years and it has never worked out.


And that’s it! Hoping to hit Devil’s Tower and Rushmore, perhaps a pass through a soon-to-be-bursting-at-the-seams Sturgis, and cruise through Yellowstone and the Badlands on the northern route. Everything else is just gravy. This trip will knock off the remaining lower 48 states for me as far as motorcycle travel goes. So excited! I put up a little countdown timer on the front page of the website (in the sidebar). I look at it every day just to tease myself.

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