Sunday Sounds: It’s a mellow kind of Sunday

I’m in a very mellow mood this morning, and my goal is to remain that way for most of the day. It shall be a day filled with grading, lesson planning, writing, reading, and, if there’s time, perhaps a bit of cleaning.

Simon and Garfunkel are the magistrates of mellow in my little corner of the world. I discovered them as a teen, if I remember rightly, when their “Live in Central Park” concert aired on HBO in 1981. The very next day I went to a record store and picked up the album. When that wore out, I got the cassette. And the VHS. And then the CD. And MP3s,

And now I have it tucked away on my YouTube playlist.

If you’ve never seen the full concert, set aside an an hour and twenty-four minutes to watch. It’s terrific. Since they disabled the ability to embed the video of the full concert, here’s a link to it over on YouTube:

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel – The Concert in Central Park 1981

For a shorter sample (and one that they’ll let me embed), I’ll give you one my favorite mellow songs from that concert. What’s funny is that around 0:15 Art screws up and comes in too early. Paul looks kind of pissed at first, but then smiles and seems to stifle a laugh. Art, on the other hand, immediately smiles and chuckles while he continues on.

On a side note, a few weeks ago I started compiling my “Books Read” list here on RFdc. Art Garfunkel is, as it happens, the inspiration behind that particular endeavor. I stumbled across his website a decade or so ago and noticed he had kept track of every book he has read since the 60s. I thought that that was such a grand idea, I started doing it immediately and regretted not having thought of doing it ages and ages ago.

Check out Mr. Garfunkel’s reading… it’s a startlingly impressive library.

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