Things for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

I don’t usually promote products, but I thought I’d give Things a shout out since this is one I use on a daily basis, and it’s currently on sale (more below).

I have all 3 apps: Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and Things is a terrific GTD-type task management application. It can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, allowing you to use it as a simple to-do list or break tasks down into projects and/or areas of responsibility.

Is it the best GTD app I’ve ever used? No. That probably goes to TimeTo on the PC side (which I reviewed here and here a long time ago).

For those of you who also deal with more robust project management applications, Things probably isn’t the app for you. In that case I would look at the Omni Group suite of applications. I’ve tried them through the free trial periods, and they are awesome, but their pricetag reflects that awesomeness and it just doesn’t make sense for a user like me. But for someone with a busy schedule who needs a bit of help figuring out priorities, Things can be a great addition to smoothing out that workflow.

Best of all, CultureCode is running a 50% off sale until Jan 31 (which is why I bring it up). It looks like the sale only applies to the Mac version, however, so if you want to sync up your PC iPhone (edit: oops) and/or iPad that’s going to be an additional expenditure – one that’s well worth it, in my own humble opinion.


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