A minor political rant…

Ok… look…

stfu about Obama taking a 5% cut in salary. I voted for the dude, but let’s be realistic:

1. he makes $400k a year
2. he gets a $50k expense account
3. he gets a $100k travel account
4. he gets a $19k entertainment account
5. he has no rent/mortgage
6. he has free medical coverage
7. he has 2 residences other than the White House totaling well over 100,000 square feet
8. He doesn’t pay for any of the hospitality staff that waits upon him and his family
9. He doesn’t pay the fuel bill for his 2 planes, 1 helicopter, or 1 limo.
10. He does, however, pay for dry cleaning and everyday meals.

And before you ask, these figures have been unchanged for over a decade. Even Bush didn’t change them. They were passed by Congress in ’99 and went into effect in ’01.

This isn’t about whether he actually needs/deserves those line items. Lord knows he has a shit job and you would HAVE to pay me all that and more to even think about doing it.

But a voluntary 5% reduction in pay is symbolic. Hell a 50% reduction in pay would be symbolic compared to the victims of the sequester furloughs.


Want to impress me? Restructure the payment schedule to be no salary. Instead, pick up all his meals and dry cleaning and dump $75k a year into a short term IRA he can have access to upon completion of his term(s).

Stop making “serving the public” so friggin’ profitable and maybe we’ll eventually have a politician in office that is interested in actually… you know… “serving the” friggin’ “public.”

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