To sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there’s the ride…

I’ve been insanely busy the last few weeks – a direct result of overextending myself and rather poor planning. I’ve got several posts “in the works”, but for now, here’s a glimpse of what’s been on my mind the last few days.


It’s not a real route. I haven’t even begun routing yet, actually. But I dreamed about the trip last night, which means it’s time to start planning. Will the final route look like this? Oh, probably not. About the only 2 things that are guaranteed to remain the same are the starting point and Deadhorse, Alaska. Yes, it’s a long trip. But, interestingly, Google calculates the mileage out to be less than last summer’s li’l jaunt around the country.

So, yeah… that’s the kind of thing I dream of after a day of fairly bad weather (drizzly and grey), a fairly bad movie (Prisoners), and a fairly bad day of football (Bills and Texans – oh dear).

At least my fantasy team won, though. Sometimes that silver lining is all we’ve got!

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