Bricked Zumo

Went to update the Zumo today, and evidently I’ve bricked it somehow. I last used it in August and it worked great, but now it can’t get past the “Loading maps” splash screen. Hell, I can’t even perform a hard reset on it. I shot an email to Garmin and hopefully they’ll be able to walk me through a fix, or, at the very least, let me send them the unit for repair.

And I wonder if this is in anyway related to the weeks and weeks of lost tracks from my summer trip…

But no worries…. With temps slated to hit 68 tomorrow, this is not going to stop me from going for a nice long ride. I’ll just be all old fashioned and take along a paper map with me. I’ve only had a GPS for 2 years – I can still remember planning 2k mile trips out on homemade trip-ticks! I think I can handle a day ride around SE Texas.

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