Tried a new dentist yesterday

Finally dragged my butt to a new Dentist down here in the Lone Star State. Yeah, that was a mistake:

1. Broken Equipment (x-ray machines – yes, plural; additionally, see below).
2- What equipment wasn’t broken, they didn’t know how to use (“Try that other switch, see if that turns it on… ok now try the other one.”)
3- No sinks at the chair (“Rinse for 30 seconds”… “Just spit it back into the cup, I’ll take care of it.”)
4- Water jet broke while in use and sprayed water all over my face and shirt.
5- You know that awesome taste in your mouth after a good cleaning? The one that lasts for 2 days regardless of what you eat, drink, or smoke? Yeah, 20 seconds after I got out of the chair all I tasted was the old man’s latex gloves.

I’ll not be using this particular dentist again.

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