Tunesday! More from Yesteryear… Trip Shakespeare

My cousin introduced me to Trip Shakespeare back in ’91 I think. He was going to college in Kansas, and I was road tripping across the country on my move from New York to LA. We went to the concert, and suffice it to say they blew me away. I still have the cassette my cousin made me, and while I don’t listen to it regularly, I bet it finds it’s way into my aging player three or four times a year. Shortly after I saw them, they broke up, but I found video from a reunion show they did in 2013. These vids are a sample of their early work. The 2013 show looks good, but it’s tough to hear some of the harmonies so I went with these four songs, perhaps my favorites on the cassette that has a permanent place on top of the player.

“Drummer Like Me” – I think my buddy Tom will like this one if he listens close.

“The Slacks” – It’s a love story. Kinda.

“Snow Days” – Probably my favorite. I think The Pixies covered it, or vice versa. Don’t know, don’t care. I like this version better than the other one I’ve heard.

“Pearle” – Pure 80s awesomeness.

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