Sometimes, you don’t even know when a dream is coming true

Growing up, I think I had 2 “heroes” whom I admired more than anyone else. These “hereos” were the stuff of legend for me. They were men I wanted to “be”.

In the construction area behind the high school, I would tear along the dirt roads on my Huffy Apollo Racer. In my head I heard the announcer telling of my courage as I jumped over barrels, and I heard the chant of the crowd – “Evil! Evil! Evil!”

In my backyard, it was 4th and 20. I dropped back, wearing the #12 blue home jersey, and let one fly to my dad (who was really Ahmad Rashad). Or I handed off to my friend Sean or Sandy or John (who were all really OJ Simpson) and watched as they ran around the dogwood bush and scored the winning touchdown against those damnable Dolphins. And I chose the number 12 when I started my own quarterback career in 3rd grade with the Pittsford Lions – not for Terry or Roger who were the more famous of the number 12 wearers, but for Joe.

What I never dared do, though, was actually dream to ever meet one of these men.

Today, what was never a dream actually came true. I sat down in Rogers, Arkansas and had brunch with one of my childhood heroes – Joe Ferguson (QB of the Buffalo Bills from ’73 to ’84). It was awesome.


So yeah… I’ve been smiling for the last 6 hours. I don’t see that changing for the next week or so.

Thanks to Nick and Erin for making a dream that I didn’t even know was a dream come true!

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