TBT: State Champs!

I don’t always do the Throwback Thursday thing, but when I do, I usually try to embarrass myself (or someone else whom I know can take it).


But this time, as I was digging through boxes and envelopes and picking out some juicy possibilities – my sister came very close to being the target this week – as I was digging and shuffling, I came across this one tucked away in an old photo album.

State Champs!

(click to enlarge – opens a new tab)

Back in the ’80s, good ol’ Pittsford-Mendon High School was the king of the soccer pitch – both the boys’ and the girls’ teams. Our football team, which I played on, wasn’t the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, but our soccer teams kicked much butt.

Most of the girls here I still recognize, and I’ve even touched base with a few of them a time or two over on Facebook. But nowhere in my memory do I ever remember them being as happy and as beautiful as they all are in this moment. Look at the smiles! Arm in arm in excitement and joy. The culmination of hard work and the acquisition of a dream.

Thanks, girls. For a while there, you were our heroes – the folks we (yes, even the boys – and especially the football team!) wanted to be.

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