2015 Summer Adventure – Partial Itinerary

I’m just about done with the planning. Which is a good thing, because I leave in 10 days. All that’s left is finalizing a few things on the long, winding way home. For the most part, I’m traveling through areas I’ve already spent a good deal of time, so there are a few “highway blast” days mixed in there since I’m damn near into August already.There is some serious exploration going on in Idaho and Montana, however, so that’ll be fun to finalize.

Typically, I plan my trips in stages. It helps me keep track of things in my head. Most often, a stage ends with a multi-day stay somewhere. Relaxation, laundry, sight-seeing… it makes a bit of sense in my own head. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t work out that way. I’ll stay a couple nights with some friends in the middle of a travel stage. I can’t explain my thinking, it just works for me.

This particular trip, at almost 3 months and (so far) 17,000+ miles, was a challenge. Some stages are a couple hundred miles. Some are over 2000 miles. It’s not the distance that makes the stage. It’s the destination and the state of mind needed for that particular stretch of road.

What follows are the first few stages of what looks to be a 16 stage summer adventure. I’ve done the research and have campsites or other arrangements in place, but I’m always willing to hear an offer of friendly lodging 🙂

2015: Stage 1Stage 1
Houston to the Baltimore area.
Staying with friends in Bentonville, AR and Baltimore
Camping near Carthage, TN
Est. Miles: 1853
Est. Saddle Time: 30 hours



stage2Stage 2
Baltimore Area to Rochester, NY
Staying with family in Rochester
Est. Miles: 354
Est. Saddle Time: 6 hours






stage3Stage 3
Rochester to Glacier National Park
Staying with friends in Wixom, MI
Camping near Ontonagon, MI; Penn, ND; Fort Benton, MT; Glacier National Park
Est. Miles: 2263
Est. Saddle Time: 39 hours

From there, I shoot up into Canada. More on the next few stages in a day or so.

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