Books Read – 2016

I’ve been keeping track of the books I read for a long time now. The list over on my Books Read page is more or less up to date, but I’ve been… forgetful the last couple of years when it comes to making sure it’s always 100% accurate. For those curious readers, you can check out my Library Thing catalogue which is a much more accurate list, and includes books I own but haven’t yet read. Basically, it’s my own library catalogue (currently standing at 778 titles).

This year was a slow year for reading (and posting!) for me, mostly because I got married and then traveled for a good portion of the summer. Other than when I was on the plane, I didn’t read much. All in all, I’d say it was a particularly good trade-off!

# books read: 9
# pages read: 3425

These are books I read, generally, outside of school work. I don’t include textbooks or reading material I assign my students, for example.

For 2017, I expect that the numbers will be higher, as right now I don’t have any significant travel plans. That may change, but I have reasons to stay parked this year, which I’ll go into once I get a firm handle on a couple of deadlines.

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