The Route

Spent some time this weekend working out the route for my road trip in August. It ended up, as I kind of figured it would, a bit more substantial that I was initially thinking. Yay! Basically, it’s a loop around New England, hitting all the NE states and then throwing in NJ, DE, MD, and PA just for good measure. All told, it’s coming in at just over 2200 miles:

I have a few places to stay along the way lined up already, and my eye on a potential campground/motel or two, but I thought I’d check to see if anyone out there has room for a boarder for a night, or even a spot in their yard I could throw up a tent during the 3rd week in August. Specifically, if you’re somewhere around numbers 2-5 in the above picture (cities/towns listed below) I’d love to hear from you!

Here are the areas I’m looking for snooze space. Anything within about 60 minutes or so would be damn near perfect.

Messena, NY > Champlain, NY (Canada is fine… I’ll have my passport, and the KOA I’m looking at is halfway to Montreal)
Colebrook, NH > Rangely, ME
St. Stephen, ME > Bar Harbor, ME
Boston area – My route takes me around the city on 495 to avoid traffic.

If your not in one of those areas but want to hook up for coffee or lunch or something, that would be awesome! Shoot me an email through the contact page and we can work out the details.

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