Where has my summer gone?

No… really… where did it go? I haven’t felt particularly busy, and yet I find my Things To-Do list with a growing number of things undone. Including the last couple of posts here on rfdc. My goal is to get them both up by Sunday at the absolute latest:

Book Review: Anathem by Neal Stephenson
In all honestly I let this one slip a bit on purpose, as I needed more time to think about it. What’s the final verdict? Come back and see in a couple days!

The rfdc Short Story Club: “The Nonesuch” by Brian Lumley
No excuse. Just haven’t written it yet.

I’m just about finished with A Long Way Gone. Since I always have trouble trying to figure out what to read next (I have more books in my “To Read Bookcases” than I do in my “Have Read Bookcases”), I figured I’d put up a poll and see what you all want to read about come review time. I don’t promise to read the book that wins (hell, I don’t promise to read a book that’s even on the list!), but I’ll certainly give the vote-winner some serious consideration. Here it is:

[poll id=”2“]

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