Snapshot: Road Friends

I’m one of those annoying folks who seem to meet people and make friends wherever they go. Ironically, I’m also absolutely horrible at keeping in touch with people, so most of those friends make on the road sort of fade away rather quickly. This is one trait I have that I would really, really like to change.

The trip this summer was no different. I met folks all along the way with whom I chatted, went out for dinner and drinks, and shared breakfast. One couple even shared their campsite with me since they weren’t using their tent pad. But there was one friend I made who was friendlier than all the rest…

Everybody, meet Cat. Cat.... everybody.

I’d like to introduce you to… ok I have no idea what her name is. I just called her “Cat.” She and her two sisters live at the Hitch-N-Post Campground in Panguitch, UT. Cat was friendlier than her two sisters, and came over for a visit long before I got my bike unpacked and tent up. In fact, Cat wound up inside the tent before I even took the poles out of the tube!

She sat with me all afternoon, hanging out in the sun while I dined on yummy Mountain House Stroganoff, wrote in my journal, and read a bit on the e-reader. When it started to get dark and a bit chilly, she got up, stretched, gave my leg a rub, and then wandered off to, I suppose, wherever it is she sleeps. In the morning, with frost covering both the tent and the bike, she was back to say goodbye and sat on the picnic table while I packed everything up. She was still sitting there watching me when I pulled out of the campsite.

I’m not much of a cat person, to be honest. I don’t have anything against them, mind you, but I don’t have a whole lot for them, either. As cool as Cat was, it’s not like she ever brought me a stick to throw, and I bet she’s never grabbed a beer out of the fridge for anyone but herself.

That said, though, I sort of miss ol’ Cat and wish I had taken a few more pictures of her.

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